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Colour your kit workshop

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Yesterday we got together for our second workshop @ Kaffee Kranz in Lucerne, Switzerland (shout out to Patrick for always making us feel at home in such a cozy, creative, bike centric, caffeinated space). After much deliberation we have some take-aways, teasers for you and are opening the door to your feedback in this early-ish stage!

takeaway one

after a lot of discussion we decided to leave the signature print off of the jersey, though we are all passionate about the symbolism behind it, we decided not everyone loves to showcase flowers and it was a little more gendered than we want to portray. not to worry, this bad ass design will still make its way into the collection!

takeaway two

we needed a logo, something to symbolize our mission: team effort, working together towards a common goal, strength, resilience, kindness to ourselves and to others and when the honey bee came up in discussion -- the excitement in the room was palpable! honey bees reflect our community centric effort to build on the cycling movement, they represent strength, intelligence, teamwork, sustainability AND a little bit of sass/sting when needed ;) also who doesn't love honey?!

design takeaways

Shorts: dark grey with iridescent riderawr text on left leg + new geometric honey bee logo on right hip + ... should we add text above the bum? undecided!

Jersey: mono-colour beautiful SAGE with blonde mirrored logo type-font on chest and some honey bees on the back along with a few little secrets we aren't quite ready to disclose

Baselayer: white, silky, with our signature print - the powerful gladiola flowers and headless girls on bikes!

Jersey 2: the majority of women preferred toned down, earthy, natural colours that a flattering and fit every skin tone - can't argue with that BUT some of us (cough, me) likes to be a little nuts and I'm thinking of some bright blues, mustard/copper yellows! Some geometric honeycombs?! What do you think? Looking for someone who is creative and passionate about design - or at least more fluent in Adobe Illustrator- than I am to support this!

Remember, your voice matters, what do you think about these concepts? Do you have ideas of your own you'd like to introduce to the world? send us an email, DM, or brainwave, we want to hear you.

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