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Farther Together

Lessons from our first cycling retreat in jura 🇫🇷

We hosted our first ever retreat just a few weeks ago in the beautiful region of Jura on the edge of the French and Swiss border.

Ten amazing women met together in Bern where we loaded up a car with everyone's overnight bags, loaded up on Flu's fresh baked banana bread and headed off on the 110km ride to our airbnb in Jura. After a day of riding and crossing borders the riders were greeted with some salty apero before everyone could jump in the shower and we could share our first family meal together!

All in all, we shared the quiet and gorgeous road of France over four days of cycling together, rewarded our bodies with some restorative yoga practices (and some reset shots by woo) and bonded over the breakfast and dinner table. The days felt like they flew by and after the event we sent out a survey to the participants and the feedback came big with a NPS (net promoter score) of 100! Which is amazing and motivates us to take in all the feedback and organize such an event again.

Reflecting back on this extended weekend get's us thinking... while riding in a large group can be challenging, especially when it's something you're new to, we found it to be incredibly rewarding. It is so nice to have someone to share all the "wow's" about the route with, share snacks with or especially share some encouragement or patience when the going gets tough.

Every day during this retreat felt like another lesson into ourselves as individuals and to ourselves as women. We are so grateful to everyone who made this weekend possible!

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