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Have More Questions?

Check out our FAQ below and get to know more about the inspiration behind this female cycling community or get in touch via the form below! If prefer you can send us an email or through direct message on instagram @riderawr

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  • What does RAWR mean?
    Tennis players have their grunt, birds have their song and RAWR is the sound we make when our fighter comes out. Whether you're in a strong headwind, atop an intimidating drop, give out a RAWR and feel the power within!
  • What inspired RIDERAWR?
    In short: Being frustrated with a male centric cycling industry! We found that much of the products out there aren't designed with women but rather designed for men and adapted to create a women's version. We wanted to start from scratch, building based on needs and came up with our three pillars of events, cycling apparel and content as our foundations for a female centric cycling community.
  • How can I join the community?
    Joining riderawr is as easy as getting in touch. You have a few options depending on your level of engagement you'd like to commit to. 1. Follow us on our instagram channel and subscribe to the newsletter to get informed up upcoming events and make the most of the content we put out. 2. Join us on group rides throughout the year (subscribe to this page to hear more) 3. Become a tester of our pee-friendly bib shorts or support our mission and join the team by purchasing our jerseys through DirtySox. 4. Email us or reach us through the contact form if you're interested in writing for us and investing more energy into our mission.
  • Are other gender identities welcome?
    Our mission is creating a space where individuals who identify as women feel safe and empowered. Sometimes when you're just learning to ride, it's best to do this surrounded by women. So although we don't explicitly say other gender identities aren't welcome, we do want to create a unique opportunity for women. If you identify as they/them and aren't sure about joining our community, please get in touch. Note: To make sure boys get to RAWR too, we often collaborate with DirtySox on social rides that tend to include all genders.
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