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We believe in a future where every woman feels like she belongs on her bike and can proudly say "I'm a cyclist"
"RAWR" represents the sound you make when you're fighting for what you love and our honey-bee logo symbolizes community effort, strength, intelligence and a balance of sweet and stinger! 
OUR pillars

We provide female cyclists with the right tools they need to feel safe and a deep sense of belonging on the bike whether it be on OR off-road. These tools include mechanical and tactical know-how covered in our events and content along with health and wellness inspired education through our social channels and web events. 


We create opportunities for female cyclists to meet, share in experiences together and inspire each other. We host physical events in Switzerland such as our annual "Hive Ride", mechnical workshops and wellness retreats. Our efforts are scaled on our social channels, podcasts and web events. 


We empower women to feel like cyclists through meaningfully designed products like our pee-friendly bib shorts, by providing role models and working hard to change the narrative about what it means to be a female cyclists (and yes, she is sweaty, dirty, has permanent helmet hair and is resilient as heck)! 













20230430_Riderawr - Helena - Munsingen - - 294.jpg
Helena Hlasova
Products and Content

Helena loves a challenge (even if it usually means she bonks mid-way) and can't stop the waterfall of ideas that come her way when she's riding.

20230430_Riderawr - Helena - Munsingen - - 339.jpg
Anik Tremblay
Event Support

Anik is a bit wild, she likes to run for REALLY long distances, like crazy long! But we like that about her because it's her love for running that brought her into the world of cycling. Anik loves adventure and setting goals and chasing after them! Insta: @kinarunz

20230430_Riderawr - Helena - Munsingen - jeanmiphotographies_edited.jpg
Nadja Schmidiger
MTB Segment

Naedu is our downhill biker badass babe. She rather takes cablecars but likes to join us on the road sometimes when she's in the mood to suffer. She's hilarious, loyal and always ready with a good playlist. 

Lillie Rumpf
Swiss Cycling Guide

Lillie is our bike packing mama and road cycling expert - as an official Swiss Cycling Guide and co-owner of, Lillie is helping us develop education materials, supporting us during our events and also available to guide you on your own adventures! 

20230430_Riderawr - Helena - Munsingen - - 101.jpg
Riccarda Mazzotta
Event Guide

Riccarda is a natural leader. She bravely led a group of 30 women during our Hive Ride Bern Edition and she was so thoughtful and so aware of everyone's needs we knew we needed her in our team! 

20230430_Riderawr - Helena - Munsingen - - 219.jpg
Flurina Kempf
CMW Link

Flurina keeps our chakra, and other things, in check. She's down to earth and always down to ride. She's based in Bern and active in supporting the local group "Cycling my Way". 

OUR Community
Arlette Bütschi

Since she started working as a design guru for a local cycling company Arlette eat, sleeps, breathes cycling! She loves adventure and riding the notorious Klausen pass on cold and rainy days with Lea when other people would think that's "too crazy."

Wendy Ellis 

Wendy likes being outside on a bike with everything she needs for a long distance adventure on- or off-road, preferably where there are mountains. You may also find her on a fixed gear, unsuccessfully going around courses with too many tight corners. Based in France, she is always looking for ways to perfect her baguette-in-cycling-jersey technique.

Raphaela Mueller
Lea Kiser

Raphaela rides soul first and we love her for it! She is authentic, powerful and a ton of fun. She's also a new mom and working hard to redefine our perceptions of motherhood - she's the woman who little girls will look at and say "I want to be her when I grow up!" 

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-28 at 8.47.29 AM.jpeg
Flurina Rigling

Flurina is our parasports voice and organizational talent. She is an active athlete of the Swiss Paracycling National Team and completing her master’s degree in political science at University of Zurich along side of it all. She is passionate about the inclusion of parasports in regular competitive sports.

Lea is our in-house power queen. She loves to hammer and share the road with other girls who don't give a shit about the drama and just ride. 


WhatsApp Image 2022-06-08 at 6.10.54 PM.jpeg
Claudia Sutter

Claudia is super fast on the bike but when you ride with her, she keeps it chill, her pedal stroke matches yours as she smiles beside you, making sure you don't feel pressure to hammer and that you can both enjoy the beauty of sharing the road. We are grateful for people like Claudia who have the speed to intimidate but make the choice to empower.

Jasi - Filmmaker

Jasi is our filmmaker extraordinaire! All of our videos from the 24hr race are filmed & edited by Jasi. We are so grateful for her vision and that she stayed up all night to capture the chaos of that epic event. Get in touch with her for your filming needs @jasimator or

Chiara Burch

Chiara says it like it is. Or like she sees it. We love her no bullshit approach and fearless exploring. It's never too cold, too steep or too long for Chiara and that inspires us!

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 10.28.11 AM.png
Emma Cook-Clarke

Emma is our on-site Canadian bad-ass femme firefighter who challenges all those pesky norms. She runs up mountains and rides down trails & believes that you don't have to ever do a drop in your life to be "epic" and everyone should feel empowered to call themselves a cyclist if they love to ride. 

the more voices
the louder we

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Curious about the background art?


The gladiolus is full of heroism. The name comes from the Latin word 'gladius', which means sword and symbolises strength, resilience and pride. 

We chose the drawing you see to represent us because we believe our work should equip the women who will follow us to find strength in one another and go farther together than they could alone. Our inspired design symbolises women pulling for each other and includes the gladiolus, sunflowers, alpine roses and the iconic edelweiss.

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