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Thank you girls, hope you had as much fun as we did!

Twenty-seven beautiful ladies from all over Switzerland came together in Münsingen at Sport2Go for some cycling, snacks, coffee from Barista Roman and of course some amazing prizes and goodies from our partners.

Highlight reel:

  • Hitting the road together as a powerful group of women

  • Making new friends! 👯‍♀️

  • Probably a world record for worlds largest pee-break in the trees

  • Amazing leadership by Riccarda

  • All the snacks 🍌 🍰 🥒 🥔 waiting for us when we came back from the first 60km ride

  • A super friendly Barista Roman ☕️

  • Epic 📸 from Jean-Mi Photography

  • Getting to give everyone some goodies from AG1, Peak Punk and Sport2Go

  • Watching you pick out prizes from REACT and DirtySox - and seeing you riding with your new prizes for the second ride!

  • A super valuable workshop by our mech Bide - loved everyone's questions, laughter and willingness to learn 🛠

  • Our first ride in shorts on top and on the bottom for the second ride

  • Mysterious rain storm that drenched us in the last 4 kilometres 🌦

  • Giving everyone hugs goodbye and a "hope to see you next time!"👏

More things you might care about:

  • Ride worthy energy balls from the hive ride - two recipes

  • Looking for more photos? Your download like is in the participant recap email you should have gotten, otherwise get in touch with us!

  • If you'd be open to it, we'd also love to get your feedback.

  • If you liked your sample of AG1 and the simplicity of getting 75 essential nutrients in just one drink, you can take advantage of this special offer of 5 free travel packs + Vitamin D3+K2 for ever first subscription order when you use this link

Note: there's no obligation on this as we don't make a profit, just our way of continuing the partnership with AG1 after their sponsorship

Can't wait to see you all very soon again 🥰👏

Your team,

Flu, Naedu and Helena

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