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FEARLESS Socks X Bienen Schweiz

It may sound crazy but we believe socks have the power to inspire! As part of our overarching goal of helping women wake up everyday thinking “I can do anything” we created this pair of socks with DirtySox to inspire fearlessness we you look inside your sock drawer. Whether that be getting on the bike with tired legs, trying a route you've never ridden, mountain biking for the first time or completing your first milestone ride, fearlessness is within you - and now, you can wear it too! 


However, the BEST thing about these socks is our collaboration with Bienen Schweiz where 1.50 CHF from every pair creates half a square meter of flowered land for the bees! That means the next time you pass a field of beautiful wild flowers with happy bees buzzing around, you can pedal proud knowing you contributed to creating a space for generations of bees to come.


Why bees? Read here.


Design by us, executed by DirtySox, produced in Czech Republic 

FEARLESS Socks X Bienen Schweiz

CHF 19.00Price
  • 20 cm height measured from the heel 

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