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Wet as heck, Cold as hell, happier than ever

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

After a beautifully sunny month of March and shorts weather, the day of the Hive ride we woke up to a blanket of snow over the Swiss Kanton of Nidwalden, and I could have cried. Two month of planning for this event was about to go out the window, I was sure no one would show up.

The riders were not about to let the depressing weather forecast stop them!

Over half of the initial registrants showed up to our absolute disbelief.

The bike shop owners and even our photographer were like... you're not going out right?

But get two dozen women in a room together, with their bikes and turns out... they're UNSTOPPABLE.

I'm pretty confident, that should we all have gone out for a ride alone that day, we would have all chosen to stay under the blankets at home. BUT together, committed to a common cause, there was - as I learned- literally nothing we wouldn't endure.

Even more heartwarming than the girls who showed up (also not to dismiss the ladies who emailed to regretfully inform us they would not join - 100% understand, no hard feelings, can't wait to have you next time!) were the smiles on everyones faces. The excitement of the common challenge ahead of us.

We may have been on bikes, be we were all in the same boat together (might as well have been a boat because of the wetness).

Thank you to everyone who registered and couldn't make it. Thank you to Sport2Go in Stans. Thank you to Vertical Coffee Roasters for their amazing coffee and prize donations. Thank you to DirtySox for the spicy sox prizes. AND THANK YOU - reader for being interested in our mission, for showing up when you can and for pushing the wheel for women everywhere forwards.

See you next time!

Your fam, at riderawr

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