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RACE DAY - Chapter 3

Watching this final episode (Chapter 3 of our docu-series Sleepless in the Saddle) brings back a lot of emotion AND a lot of pride. This feels like a big life-sized highlight for us. Not because of our athletic prowess (we finished second last) but because of the challenge we set out to conquer together.

In a time where women often have to compete with each other for their place (on or off the road) it feels so powerful to be part of COLLABORATION.

So tune in to watch us battle with frustration, fatigue, sore legs and in the end, join us in celebration!

Not be forgotten, we are SO grateful to our sleepless crew who supported us on and off the race course. Thank you to all of our sponsors, partners, family, friends.

Haven't seen the first two episodes? Catch up with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 before watching this one!

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