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Hey mambo:Pizza & Kit Italiano

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We just got back from a successful trip to northern Italy to visit with our producer! I brought a long list of demands collected from our previous RAWR workshop, your survey data and we spent the entire day (including a mandatory pizza break obviously) going back and forth in our discussions about what's possible, trying on existing models, touching fabrics and playing around with pushing the limits.

Next steps? The producer is going to cook up a sample pair of shorts to see if we can make our dreams a reality. Once we get the physical sample, we will meet again to discuss the strengths/weaknesses and of course, colour options!

ASK: We're looking for help with legalities: if you or anyone you know is proficient in patents - please get in touch! Additionally if you have a contact in garment production already, lemme know!

In the meantime: time to get the juices flowing on the jersey. If you feel inspired by anything you see on Insta, don't be afraid to tag @riderawr and tell us what you love. If you have an original idea - send it our way Next workshop will be coming soon in November! Stay tuned!

And remember, as the weather gets colder, time to turn up the volume on your RAWR!

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