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Thank you for 🐝-ING WITH US

Wuawiii that was so much fun! Thank you for 🐝-ing part of our community and joining us this past Saturday, our hearts are so full after seeing so many smiling faces, sharing lots of warm hugs and hearing your really positive feedback!

We created the Hive Ride because it’s what we felt was missing for us as cyclists and event participants so it means a lot to us to hear that you enjoyed it. If you haven’t yet, please take 2 minutes to fill out the feedback form so we can continue to make the Hive Ride an event to remember!

I wanted to quickly mention a few things:

Dear Coaches

Thank you for making this day the success that it was! Your energy and unique backgrounds brought the perfect mix of expertise and empowerment, I have so much love and respect for all of you!

  • Big thank you to Riccarda for pushing the girls in a really positive way, we hope Riccarda will continue to share her gorgeous smile with us and be a core member of our team forevaaa!

  • Got the gravelle itch? Want some extra adventure?! Sara is your gal! Try bike-packing for the first time or a gelato ride and join some gravelle club fun.

  • Finally, all the best to Rebekka this season - be sure to watch some MTB or cross races if they come to you, the next one is in Engelberg from 31 May to 2 June shall we get a gang together to cheer her on?!


Thank you again to Patrick for providing the tasty cappuchos from Kaffe Kranz and making the t-shirts accessible to all of the participants! This contribution really made the day extra special.

If you enjoyed getting on a Canyon bike you can use the code: canyon24hiveride at for a free collect and ride (they’ll build your bike up and get it ready to fly for you, worth 200 CHF)! 

Event Supporters

Dirtysox: for those of you who saw a pair of sox you loved on the prize table but weren’t one of the lucky ones, you also received a 20% discount code in your goody bag for your next order at Careful, the selection is super fun and tempting!

React, the fastest glasses in the world, with small sizing models for small faces

Muc-off for squeaky clean shine/ less chainring oil on your calves

PeakPunk, vegan, no bullshit, fuelling our fun!

ViviKola for the morning mate buzz and lunch pasta accessory

Wilerbad for one lucky girls spa day

My new fav for sensitive skin the Swiss made Ultrasun 

Camelbak, keeping the contents of your bidon refreshingly cool 

Also for other female specific events or a social group in your area in Switzerland be sure to check out the #fastandfemaleSUI calendar


We have just added the non-event version of the Dolce Vita t-shirts on our website if you love them as much as we do!

Be sure to join the ride rawr community on Strava and instagram

If you would like to be a part of our momentum, lead some social rides in your area or contribute to the next design, please get in touch via


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