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COVID IS A BITCH (didn't ya know)

Here is a google sheet of my flow of experience since testing positive for and on my path to recovery from COVID

Getting back into sport (or getting off the sofa for starters) after COVID is proving to be slow, frustrating and exhausting process. I feel lucky to be working with an endurance coach who has his own personal experiences with long-COVID and serves as a really valuable sounding board when it comes to tracking my symptoms and moderating my return to activity. We recorded this zoom call we had where Rick shared his personal story with me and where we discussed the strategies we were going to take moving forward. It's a long call so feel free to just turn on the audio and multitask whatever else you've got going on. It's a mix between a cautionary tale and strategic optimism or as Rick calls it "cautious optimism".

As Rick mentions in the video - neither of us are medical professionals and we recommend you talk to your doctor. We are however just trying to share our own real experiences and hope that getting the convo going will help inspire patience in athletes and get everyone back to doing their sport at full capacity in the long term.

If you have questions for Rick or are looking for an endurance coach of your own check out my long-time training family

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