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Every day we are bombarded with noise and a learned tendency to compare ourselves against others. It's in social media, it's at work, and sometimes it's on the road. It can be hard to avoid the pitfalls of a social desire for the approval of others. It can be hard when you think you need to look a certain way or ride a certain amount to be a cyclist. It can be hard when you think you have to compete with other women for your spot on the road.  


We aim to break the narratives which paint unrealistic pictures of what it means to ride. We aim to create a space where women can relate to and support each other on their bikes. We use humor and content,  events and collaborative efforts towards women centric cycling products to help you unleash your inner power. When haters, doubts or your legs are screaming, we want to hear you RAWR! 

be the momentum!

rider climbing up mountain pass col de sanetsch

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