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Strava, FOMO and Not giving a F*ck

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Do you ever catch yourself uploading a ride to strava, feeling good about yourself and then looking at someone else's strava activity and suddenly not feeling so good about yourself anymore?

You're not alone. Social media is a beast, drowning us in FOMO - the fear of missing out- making us wish we had done that extra km on our ride, or the ride with the better photo opportunity, or not taken that day off to sit on the couch and eat cookies. This simple "tracking" and "sharing" and way of being connected, has quickly escalated into - judging, bragging, and comparison.

Whether we like to consciously admit it or not, our hunt for crowns has become a crutch for our self worth, and our crowns being stolen? You do the math.

So how can we ever possibly expect to build a community of badass girls who ride -independent of crown status, elevation or average speed- when we are stuck in insecurities of our own self-worth and any other girl on a bike comes and threatens that?

Well, honestly, I'm not sure yet! I've just baked a batch of cookies and considered posting that on strava as an acceptable activity? But, as with all things it starts by opening up about it. So here: this comparison and insecurity happens to me all the time, but the more I notice it and the more I realize it's just strava - the less I decide to care.

You are more than the amount of kms you ride.

Your worth is independent of how many days you take away from sport to hang on the sofa.

You are strong, even when you are weak and tired.

You are brave even when you back out.

You are whatever you want to be!

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