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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Umm... where did the time go?!

The 24 hr mountain bike race in Schotz is now less than one week away and we are a healthy mix of nerves and excitement.

There's been some in and out's with the roster as a few racers had to drop out at the last minute but we are so excited to finally introduce you to our final line-up (nicknames included).

We met for the first time on zoom this past week and ironed out the final details!

Feeling especially grateful for our team manager Flurina who is the only one from the team who has any experience at this race and was able to think a million steps ahead and organize us things you would never think would be useful for a bike race like a microwave - genius plan to cook the pasta the day before and just nuke it!

Speaking of food, we were able to pick up a bunch of amazing things at our sponsor shop, unfahrpackt! Super thankful to these guys for providing some healthy and environment conscious solutions. They even had some haribo gummy bear alternatives that we can't wait to try!

What else happens this week?

I will be honing in the skills a bit, you can sample our skills in this video here, laundry, pack, food prep and on Friday some of us will go set up the tents and check out the track!

Next Saturday Aug 6 we start the engines!

Time to turn the spreadsheets into reality! Stay tuned to the action on instagram @riderawr and feel free to stop by if you're in the area, we will take all the moral support or back massages we can get!

Below is a list of some more sponsors who have been generous enough to partner with us for this event. THANK YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

- Hotel Continental

- Kambly

- Dirtysox


- sport2go

- Inderkum Immobilien


- unfahrpackt

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