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New 👷🏼‍♀️ Helmet, Who dis?

Updated: May 14, 2023

I still remember when POC launched their first helmet and begging my brother to get one for my birthday. Since then, I've been a POC girl through thick and thin... until this past winter when I I went ski helmet shopping and found the POC wasn't fitting quite right. The medium was too big and the small was squeezing me head. Although I love the colours POC puts out, the salesman pushed me to try a Giro and after a lot of back and forth, shaking my head like a rockstar I finally pulled the trigger and broke the POC code.

Now that spring has (somewhat? rainy-ly) sprung, and cycling season is in full swing I noticed that my old POC helmet was giving me a headache and creating pressure points on my forehead. I looked for other pads to see if that would soften things up but it was pretty hopefully. I found it hard to get the helmet tight enough that I felt safe but still comfortable. SO, I reached out the Giro, having had the positive ski helmet experience and asked if I could test their new Aries Spherical helmet. Lucky for me, I got in touch with a local distributor and a few days later I could try this helmet out for the first time!

Check out my first reaction:

Or, just keep reading...

Top 3 things I liked:

  • Feels super light weight

  • Has a great inner shell/net thing that tightens and loosens for a perfect fit (hoping this means no more headaches)

  • Feels less bulky than other helmet models

Things to consider:

  • I love the colour I chose (coal/green) for my helmet but as someone who likes bright and loud design it was a bit hard for me to make a decision. If bright and playful colours are a necessity for you, this won't be your best option.

Still want to test this one on some long rides when it's really hot and feels like my head will explode to really see if it passes the no headaches check but so far!

Let's ride and see what happens.

Special thank you to Matthias @ Chris Sport for supporting our mission!

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