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DirtySox Clean Roads

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We collaborated with this summer to start the #cleanroads initiative. Every product sold means 100m of roads cleaned. We are stoked about this initiative for a few reasons, first because we believe in the legacy we leave for the riders to come and second because we love doing what others won't and #gettingdirty.

Protecting our Playground

Most people don't include picking up trash as part of their ideal bike ride and that's why we love this collab with dirtysox. Part of our philosophy means going places and doing things that others won't and that's exactly what #cleanroads embodies.

Take a guess, what products make up the majority of the trash we picked up this summer on the Swiss roads?

RedBull Cans

It might not come as a surprise to hear that almost 1 of every 10 pieces of trash picked up was a #redbull can. I guess #redbull also gives the cans wings to fly out of people's car windows.


More painful than having to wear a mask everywhere since #COVID hit is seeing all the masks scattered around everywhere. No shortage of mask trash out there folks, sidewalks, highways, hiking trails, lakes... glad we use gloves to pick up trash on these rides!


Fitting with the #redbull lifestyle choice theme... we found an overwhelming amount of cigarette buts and entire boxes. Sometimes in very surprising places. When do you think we will be smoke free in Switzerland?

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